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Cucina Creative

 “If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” ~ Louis Parrish 

Does dressing your kitchen include displaying your family heirlooms or is it  all about rose gold and stainless appliances? We want to create cabinets that work alongside the way you cook.  Spices and oils at you fingertips.  A specific space for baking, a breakfast cupboard above your toaster and coffee maker.  

We provide personal shopping services for organizational items, essential baking and cooking tools; whether it is from Homesense, a Kitchen Speciality store or straight from a Restaurant Supply chain. Much like the other Crown services, we'll work within your budget to help you create a kitchen that flows from one end of the counter to the other. 

The organization of any kitchen can greatly enhance the speed of your meal preparations and create a much happier and peaceful cooking experience. As we’ve worked with clients throughout the years, they are shocked at how a shift in their cupboards and drawers can so dramatically improve their culinary processes. 

We’ll sit down together and discuss your vision. We will look at your current  setup, peek into your cupboards, and we will put together a plan to create the ultimate functionality. 

Live life with a little spice!

Tonda Wilson

Tonda Wilson | Cucina Collaborator

Long before Marie Kondo came onto the scene, Tonda was dazzling home owners with her exceptional organizational ideas. Understanding that the kitchen is the hub of any home, it became her passion to design and create spaces where everything in each cupboard and drawer flows intuitively, regardless of who makes the meal. Tonda is a former Disney cast member who enjoys snowmobiling, cooking and traveling!  Her logical and practical approach to design will make you wonder how you lived without her!