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Clubs are often overlooking the importance of fostering and improving member engagement. Engagement single handedly accelerates EVERYTHING we do in a club.

When your members are connected to the amenities that your club offers, its services and activities, they become the catalysts for membership sales. 

Engagement is the driving force for membership recruitment, offsetting attrition and building brand loyalty.  Clubs must create VALUE propositions at every opportunity. 

Let us help you create an experiential based plan of value creation revolving around events, marketing and communications, social media and the MOST important facet; exceptional service. Your members deserve consistent growth and the rejuvenated energy that brings - across all departments. 

Recruitment will always remain a vital part of any club's long term strategic planning and while it is a very important piece of the pie, it will NEVER be the engine that moves your club to the next level. Lower attrition and higher member engagement will always be linked to the investments you make in the event and marketing platforms. 

As club professionals, we know that the number one source of referrals is through our existing members, so it is your job to provide them with experiences that they will not find at your competition! We can help you design a progressive plan, at any budget, high tailing the day to day interactions your members experience in their "home away from home".

Natasha has over a decade of experience in Membership & Marketing Sales. Reach out for a coffee and a chat, no strings attached!

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